Disabled Villains and the Problems they Present for Disabled People

I came across this article by teen vogue via tumblr, discussing the disabled villain trope and the harm it does. Now, as someone who is disabled in a number of ways, this hits close to home. And I had a lot of thoughts about it. I mean, this is partially one of the reasons why disabled and … Continue reading Disabled Villains and the Problems they Present for Disabled People


How One Person’s Opinion on Hygiene and Autism Angered Me


So I just came across a thread on twitter about #Autism and in this thread there's a young woman studying to be a nurse. You would expect someone studying to be part of the nursing profession to perhaps have a little more self-awareness, not to mention be a little more candid, that stating outright that an #Autistic who has … Continue reading How One Person’s Opinion on Hygiene and Autism Angered Me

Disability Taking Place in The Lion King

Interesting analysis of disability and Scar as a disabled character in The Lion King, with a focus on the habit of conflating disability with evilness.

Disability in Children's Literature

By: Amanda Taylor

Disability is an underlying message in many texts and films that we have been exposed to, even if sometimes it is a subtler trend that we are forced to investigate. In many children’s films there are trends, stories, and messages that we can easily overlook or disregard in some cases. Depression, madness, anger, and jealousy are all present within the famous character, Scar, in The Lion King. Scar encompasses many traits that make him less able minded than other characters, such as Mufasa. There are visual and personality significations, as well as implied and more direct messages such as his physical appearance throughout the story of Scar that can be addressed. The Lion King leads us to believe that disabilities such as anger management and depression are always detrimental.

Beginning with the symbols and signs that Scar himself represents, we see things that push us to think…

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Definitions for Disability Studies

While there are more terms in Disability Studies than the ones included in this post, this is a good starting point and simple explanation of some of the common terms used in DS.

Disability in Children's Literature

By: Ciara Saavedra


       Keywords for Disability Studies describes ability as a “quality in a person that makes an action possible” (Adams et al. 12). Today, ability is seen as a simple binary term that encompasses two parts to it- ability and disability (Adams et al. 5). From this definition, these terms function as opposites of one another which leaves little space for those who fall in between (Adams et al. 12). The Oxford English Dictionary defines ability as, “the quality in a person or thing which makes an action possible; suitable or sufficient power or proficiency; capability, capacity to do, or (now rare) of doing something” (“ability, n.”). This definition alludes to the Industrial Revolution as it gives the impression that ability gives way to efficiency; thus seeing the body as a means to producing an end (Adams et al. 12). The OED also defines ability…

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