Disability Taking Place in The Lion King

Interesting analysis of disability and Scar as a disabled character in The Lion King, with a focus on the habit of conflating disability with evilness.

Disability in Children's Literature

By: Amanda Taylor

Disability is an underlying message in many texts and films that we have been exposed to, even if sometimes it is a subtler trend that we are forced to investigate. In many children’s films there are trends, stories, and messages that we can easily overlook or disregard in some cases. Depression, madness, anger, and jealousy are all present within the famous character, Scar, in The Lion King. Scar encompasses many traits that make him less able minded than other characters, such as Mufasa. There are visual and personality significations, as well as implied and more direct messages such as his physical appearance throughout the story of Scar that can be addressed. The Lion King leads us to believe that disabilities such as anger management and depression are always detrimental.

Beginning with the symbols and signs that Scar himself represents, we see things that push us to think…

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